You will simply enjoy this taste for three reasons. Best Peanuts, Karara Crunchy Taste and Spicy Flavor. Anytime Snacks, going to make you Enjoy it whenever you think of it, absolutely delectable snack.


No one beats the Crunchy-Tangy-Addictive Flavor of our Aloo Bhujia. Our Aloo Bhujia is perfect snack, which compliments your Meal and also, relishes your taste buds as a Tea-time snack.


More than 16 Mouth-watering Products in our Mixture, makes this a Perfect Mixture. Our Taste makes it Best Namkeen Mixture available for your tongue. Enjoy its Addiction.


A perfect blend of Traditional Spices, Raw Material with Experienced Making Technique, Bikaner is world famous for its Namkeens. We are conferred with Geographical Indication Tag for Bikaneri Bhujia.


Best Quality of Peas (Matar) is the key to this product. To make this Chatpata (Tangy), we have specifically designed the spices in such a manner, that you will definitely love the Huskiness and Crunchyness of this party-time snacks.


Premium Quality Raw Peanuts, perfectly roasting and then frying at mild temperature. What you will like more about our product is freshness of peanuts, healthy taste and perfectly blended salty tinch.


Authentic taste and crunchy flavor, high quality Raw Moong Dal is selected to bring the natural characteristics of Crisp and Crunch. Fried at a specific Temperature and blend of perfect mix of tangy flavor. Enjoy the crunch.


Bikaner brings to life everything you want from a desert town; Legacy of beautiful grand forts, the city protected with 5 Century old walled structure, beautiful picturesque Rampuria’s Havelis, world famous Karni Mata Temple (Only temple in world which is house of thousands and millions of Rats) and many more.
The constantly shifting and undulating sand dunes make for a perfect backdrop to a laidback, easy-going place that is at once beautiful and stress buster. This is the city, where visionary Kings have ruled and have built Large Network of canals, starting from Punjab, Shri Ganga Canal, thus giving life-lines to its own native farmers of Bikaner.
Very interesting saying about Bikaner as the poet Ashok Vajpeyi ji once remarked, this is also a city where one half of the population is occupied with making bhujia and the other half with eating it.


In Year 1877, its Documented that Under the Reign of Maharaja Dungar Singh ji, first batch of Bikaner bhujia was made and during Initial Days, Bhujia was served to the Royal Guest of Maharaja Dungar Singh ji and Earned the Royal Title of “Dungar Shahi Bhujia”.
The crunchy and addictive snack that has earned this city gastronomic fame is fried in every nook and corner of the narrow streets of Bhujia Bazar.
In September 2010, the by-now-famous Bikaneri Bhujia was given the Geographical Indication tag, ensuring that none other than those registered as authorised users (or at least those residing inside the geographic territory) would be allowed to use the popular product name, an assurance of distinctiveness in a land of a thousand cultures. A visit to the land of this venerable dish is a must for a foodie, a sort of pilgrimage that is easy on the stomach.